Saturday, May 23, 2009

Supporting Widows and Orphans.

Hoyas for Africa is the name we have given to a small fund raising effort we run to support Widows and orphans in Entebbe Uganda. In 2006 a Brisbane couple purchased 5 acres of land in Entebbe with proceeds from Australian donations. In association with a local Church, a programme was begun to enable widows from the area to grow and harvest crops on the land. As a result many of the poor have food on their tables and can even sell some of their produce to earn money for medicine and clothes. At the same time a sponsership progamme to provide school fees was established to help the orphans receive an education.

The main part of our support comes from profits on garden plants and other sundry items that we sell through a small nursery attatched to our Giftware business in inner city Brisbane. It is not our prime intention with this Blog to solicit donations for this project although some people have, and should anyone feel so inclined we would be happy to pass on information please contact

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