Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some Vireya planting ideas.

Just a few planting ideas from our Nursery display garden. In nature Vireya Rhododendrons very often grow as epiphytes in the clefts of rocks and trees. They have a very fine root system that requires excellent drainage to grow well. Because of this, they make ideal specimen plants to grow in baskets and containers. They love morning sun or bright filtered light. Requiring some protection from frost and during Summer from hot afternoon sun. We have Vireya "Just Peachy" growing in a short length of terracotta pipe together with some mini Mondo grass. Vireya "Lochmin" is growing quite happily in the hollowed out log, perhaps mirroring something of the epiphytic nature of the genus. Vireya "Coral Flare" has a spreading habit and makes an ideal specimen for a hanging basket, it's happy growing in bright filtered light hanging from a lillypilly tree. Vireya loranthiflorum is a species Vireya growing in a large pot together with a fig tree. Ajuga reptans growing in the pot makes an ideal companion plant. Please click on the image for a closer view if required.

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